Assuming that you do not want to get pregnant again immediately after giving birth, birth control is something you will have to think about. You will have a lot going when you have a new baby, and the last thing your will probably want to think about its what contraceptive method you are going to use. Mind you, a lot of couples find that a baby waking up at all hours of the day and night does the job just fine. If somehow you still find time for intimacy, congratulation! You are a lucky person indeed. Just in case you will catch a minute or two, you will definitely like having birth control already sorted out.

So, what are the best options? To a large extent, that depends on  personal preference. Here are some birth control methods you might want to consider.

1) Exclusively breastfeeding on demand has been shown to be a very reliable birth control method. As long as you are not supplementing with formula, or giving your baby solids, and nurse your baby whenever he or she wants, breastfeeding as a birth control method is just as effective as the contraceptive pill.

2) Charting to avoid gives you insights into your fertility, and can help you avoid getting pregnant.

3) Using condoms is a very popular choice after having a baby. This is a very effective method that does not involve hormones, and therefore allows your body to recover from pregnancy and birth more easily.

4) The contraceptive pill is another common choice. Please be aware that you are only able to use certain birth control pills if you are breastfeeding.

5) A coil. They are available both in hormone-free and hormone-added varieties.

Of course, no method is absolutely fail-safe, except for total abstention. But the above contraceptive methods, if used properly, tend to be very reliable in avoiding pregnancy.