If you are pregnant, or have just had your baby, the decision of which form of birth control you will use post-partum is quite an important one, unless you are happy to be pregnant again within a matter of months! One of the things to consider when you are making decision about birth control is how long your chosen method will take before being effective.

Few women who have just given birth feel like doing the deed within the first few weeks, so even if you have already had your baby, you probably have some time to decide what contraceptive method you are going to use. If your libido has returned, however, and you feel physically healthy, making sure you have condoms around the house will prevent you from getting pregnant again while you think about other options.

The contraceptive pill is still the most commonly used form of contraception, and the question of “how it will take for birth control to become effective” applies to the pill. If you have opted to take the pill, and are wondering when you can start having intercourse without worrying about pregnancy, your pill’s package insert is the best place to consult. Most pills are effective immediately, providing you start taking them at the right time during your cycle, but most doctors advise you to use additional contraceptive methods such as condoms or abstain from sex for a month.

Another thing to consider is that only very few types of contraceptive pills are compatible with breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding and want to use the pill, make sure to discuss this with your doctor. You may reach the conclusion that you do not want to rely on the pill at all while you are nursing your baby. On a more positive note, nursing on demand is an effective contraceptive method all in itself, and one that is reliable especially during the first six months of your baby’s life.