Have you had the urge to pee just about every minute since getting pregnant, and are you wondering what is causing this annoying symptom? Let me start off by saying that frequent urination is just another normal pregnancy symptom. Unless you are having other symptoms that indicate a urinary tract infection, there is no need to try and fight the urge to pee, or to cure it. More to the point, there is nothing you can do to stop frequent urination, so you will just need to accept it. It might just be tricky to get to the rest room in time, but that is why most restaurants, stores and other public places have no problem with allowing pregnant women to use their toilets.

It might be obvious that your uterus could be pressing on your bladder later in pregnancy, resulting in the need to pee more often. But did you know that frequent urination is often one of the first pregnancy symptoms a mother to be notices? In the early weeks of pregnancy, frequent urination apparently has nothing to do with the size of your baby or uterus. In fact, the increased amount of blood in your body causes this symptom, indirectly. The additional bodily fluids that go through your kidneys naturally end up in your bladder.

Frequent urination tends to stay with women during their entire pregnancies. In the later months, not only the increased blood volume, but the growing uterus as well, ensure that you will be spending lots of time in the rest room. Nights are especially bad for some pregnant women. Why? Because fluids that pooled in your legs and feet during the day are relocated to your kidneys and then bladder, once you are off your feet.

There isnt all that much you can do about frequent urination during pregnancy, other than making sure that you have access to a toilet all the time! However, avoiding coffee and tea, which increase the need to urinate, might ease the problem a little if you were a consumer of these products.