Yoga is a wonderful way of keeping fit, both mentally and physically. Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of yoga is that it can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, size, fitness level and health. Yoga is extremely adaptable. Whether you join a prenatal yoga class, do exercises from  a DVD or a book, or get your inspiration off the internet, yoga is definitely extremely suitable for pregnant women. Here are some things yoga can do for you while you are expecting a baby.

Exercise is good for your physical health. When you are fitter, you have higher energy levels and a lower chance that you will be overwhelmed by the changes that pregnancy brings you. If you are in great shape during your pregnancy, you are far less likely to experience pregnancy as a physical challenge, and you will enjoy your nine months much more!

Yoga is a wonderful tool to help your body stay flexible throughout your pregnancy, and with the right yoga program, you can even prepare the right muscle for giving birth. The more you exercise those muscle, the easier your birth is likely to be for you! Additionally, did you know that there are special yoga poses that can help you get relief from pain? Many women experience back pain in pregnancy, or have joint problems especially around the pelvic area. Pregnancy can also be hard on your legs. There are yoga poses that alleaviate all of these conditions, making your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Finally, yoga keeps you mentally healthy too! Even if you are a science-loving, evidence-based person (like myself!), you have to admit that simply taking the time to do something that is completely for you and your health has the ability to relax you. No matter what, prenatal yoga will take you out of your daily routine. If you are lucky, you might even feel spiritual, or be able to do some real meditation.