Exercising during pregnancy is a great way to keep fit and healthy. Those women who lead active lives while they are expecting a baby benefit in numerous ways. Working out reduces stress, keeps the body in good condition, and in good shape too, so you will not have to lose so much weight after you give birth. There are some factors to take into account if you want to exercise in pregnancy, though. Professionals recommend that you avoid overheating and keep your heartbeat under a 140 beats per minute. What are the best, and the safest pregnancy exercises then?

1) Walking. Walking burns calories and exercises some muscles, but keeps your body temperature constant, and normally should not make you sweat. It can also become a part of your every day life very easily. Just take the stairs instead of the life, and park your car a bit further from your destination.

2) Swimming. This is a wonderful form of exercise, because it works nearly all muscles in your body. At the same time, it does not put your muscles and joints under unnecessary stress. That is why many doctors and fitness instructors alike say that swimming is the best form of exercise for pregnant women.

3) Yoga. Yoga works the muscles and relieves stress, but does not raise the heartbeat or do anything unpredictable to your body temperature. Pregnancy yoga is also a wonderful way of preparing for your birth. There are many wonderful yoga poses especially designed for pregnant women.

Running, aerobics, and cycling are also very safe in pregnancy, and especially for those women who were already doing those exercising before they conceived. You should probably not go horseback riding, skiing, or climb a mountain while you are pregnant. Anything that is dangerous in any circumstances should be avoided. Exercises that can throw you off balance in your third trimester are also a bad idea.